Tokyo Synergy Office

Establish your business foothold in Asia with us!

Harness the wonderful synergy between entrepreneurs

from differing backgrounds at the heart of Tokyo.


Our low-cost rental office helps you to register your business at the heart of Tokyo, even with a short-term stay visa.

We shall remain your reliable partner along your way to success in Asia.

Venture startups and foreign entrepreneurs with limited networks in Japan are welcome to use our inexpensive office space as the entry point for establishing a business base and building a network in Japan.

The clear advantage we offer to our clients is our flexibility in supporting business registration even with their short-term stay visa (granted on arrival for most nationalities).

One of the cheapest prices we offer in downtown Tokyo is achieved by sharing the costs for the common area – including the meeting room, restroom, the high-performance copying machine, internet connection, cleaning service, trash disposal, and utilities.

Our group partner offers free accounting consultation so you can have a head-start with your business in Japan, as well as a special discount for monthly accounting services.

Services and Costs – Tokyo Synergy Office vs. Typical Rental Office


Tokyo Synergy Office

Typical Rental Office

Visa requirements

You can enter Japan with a short-term stay visa (granted on arrival in most cases) and register your business alone without any Japanese partner on the basis of your resident card, which you can obtain easily in Japan as you apply for an investor/business visa.

Many risk-averse owners will require you to have an investor/business visa or Japanese partner, which drains your time and money.


No additional payment required

Additional payment required

Copying machine

High-performance copying machine and shredder are installed and available for use

Users need to purchase their own machines, maintain them, and ensure paper and other supplies at the user’s own expense.



Additional costs associated with the contracts with an internet service provider and line installation.

Trash disposal

Combustible and noncombustible wastes are collected without any payment for trash bags and the designated stickers.

The users need to purchase trash bags and the stickers, and take out the trash by themselves.

Cleaning service

Vacuuming in each booth, cleaning of restrooms, and procurement of the supplies are already included in our service.

The users need to purchase their own  vacuum cleaners and clean by themselves. They also need to clean the restrooms and replenish paper.

Chair, desk, and storage space

Available for the intended number of persons working in each booth

The users need to purchase their own

Accounting service

Get a head start with free consultation and a special discount for monthly accounting services offered by our partner in the Yokosuka Group.

Still many accountants either shy away from serving you or charge you more for being a foreigner.

Such cost performance is almost impossible to achieve when you rent the typical small office. Just consider all the payments listed above.

And don’t forget the other customary expenses on top of rent itself that you must pay to rent typical offices in Japan – namely, security deposit, key money, renewal fees. We will never charge you such fees. Brokerage fee won’t even be necessary if you call us directly.

Establish your foothold in Asia by registering your business with our cheap rental office at the heart of Tokyo!

Steps for business startup and visa application in Japan

  1. Entry to Japan with a short-term stay visa (granted on arrival)
  2. Look for a rental office
  3. Articles of Association and other documents to prove your business is in the startup process
  4. Application for resident eligibility
  5. Authorization of resident eligibility
  6. Changing status of resident
  7. Residence card is granted to obtain residence registry
  8. Registration of your company
  9. Start working with an investor/business visa
  10. Extension of your stay as necessary