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Can I use a fax?

Our multifunction (all-in-one) printer does not have a fax function. You will need to either buy a fax machine or subscribe to an eFax service to send or receive faxes with your computer or mobile terminal.

If you stay mostly in your booth and receive paper fax, we recommend that you use the NTT telephone line.
If you are often out of office and prefer not to install a fax machine in your booth, we recommend the use of an eFax service, which offers more advantages as it is cheaper than purchasing a fax machine and enables you to check your faxes away from your office.

■ Internet fax [eFax]: Send and receive faxes whenever and wherever you are

■ Internet fax service and price at a glance

Do I need to buy insurance? How much does it cost, roughly?

Our rental office service is not categorized as office leasing. Nevertheless, you are requested to buy fire insurance or the like in a similar manner as in a typical office leasing.
If you have already subscribed to a corporate insurance policy that covers fire or the like, no additional insurance is required.

We recommend New Business Pika-Ichi (Shin Bijinesu Pika-ichi), a plan offered by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance. The annual premium is fixed at JPY 9,230 for any booth.

More details on insurance policy

Do I need to pay a renewal fee?

No renewal fee is involved in extending the agreement.

In contrast to many other rental offices where renewal fees are charged, with Tokyo Synergy Office under direct management of the Yokosuka Group you can save on costs.

The renewal form is quite simple. Just fill in the renewed term of agreement and sign it. This way, we can minimize your paperwork and eliminate the renewal fee.

What about segregating trash?

Trash in the Hamamatsu-cho district 1 and 2 in Minato-ku, where our office is located, is collected according to the following schedule.

Monday Recyclable trash (plastics)

Tuesday              Combustible trash (paper, wood, combustible plastics (food package), CD, etc.)

Thursday            Recyclable trash (PET bottles, bottles, cans, and paper for recycle)

Friday                 Combustible trash (paper, wood, combustible plastics (food package), CD, etc.)

Second and Fourth Saturdays                      Non-combustible trash

As a part of our service, combustible trash from each booth is collected and taken out to the collection point of Minato-ku on Tuesday and Friday around 7 to 9am by the cleaning service agent. Non-combustible trash is collected twice a month from the recycling box next to the vending machine.

Recyclable trash including bottles, cans, PET bottles, and waste paper, over-sized trash, and any other trash need to be taken out by yourself (as an exception, you may put cans and PET bottles that you buy from the vending machine into the nearby recycling box).

What are the steps for becoming a member?

1. Please make an appointment for an on-site visit (we will coordinate the schedule and guide you through the facility)

Appointments can be made via the contact form or by dialing +81-3-3861-5299  during our business hours.

2. During the on-site visit, we will brief you on the available services and important reminders, and present you the agreement form for signing at a later stage.

3. If you wish to become a member, please fill in the membership application form (and please prepare the necessary documents that we request).

4. Screening (we will respond to you after conducting due assessment about one week from the day you file the application)

5. Payment of initial fee (please deposit the office service charge for the first month in advance along with 108,000 yen as the initial membership fee including the consumption tax)

6. Once the necessary amount is credited to our account, we will sign the agreement with you to make the services available to you.

After signing the agreement, we will mutually agree on practical matters such as the use of VoIP phone line, extension,  and design of the plates to be posted on the door and at the entrance.

Let your business take off from Tokyo Synergy Office. Our team spares no effort to be a reliable partner throughout your business roadmap.

What kinds of telephone lines are available?

You can independently order a telephone line from NTT.

Or you can use A cloud-based business VoIP phone offered by Basix.

The monthly fixed fee for the basic plan is 1,728 yen (1,620 yen as the basic fee and 108 yen for the use of Tokyo area code “03”).

The call rate between Basix phones is free, 2.8 yen/minute for calling stationary phone, JPY 18.9/minute for calling mobile phones or PHS.

The international call rate, regardless of stationary or mobile phone, can be cheaper than domestic phone calls, as with the case of the United States (5 yen/minute).

There are only two kinds of necessary initial costs:
– Purchase of a Basix business phone from Brastel Telecom. The price ranges from 16,800 to 29,400 yen

– Payment of 1,080 yen to Brastel Telecom as the initial setup fee
Provided there is an internet connection, this VoIP-phone set can be used wherever you go. Even if you decide to move out of our office, your investment will not be wasted.

Since Basix phones can be used just by connecting to the internet, you do not have to worry about the trouble associated with installation or restoring the booth to its original condition when you move out.
More details on Basix Phone Service