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What about segregating trash?


What about segregating trash?

Trash in the Hamamatsu-cho district 1 and 2 in Minato-ku, where our office is located, is collected according to the following schedule.

Monday Recyclable trash (plastics)

Tuesday              Combustible trash (paper, wood, combustible plastics (food package), CD, etc.)

Thursday            Recyclable trash (PET bottles, bottles, cans, and paper for recycle)

Friday                 Combustible trash (paper, wood, combustible plastics (food package), CD, etc.)

Second and Fourth Saturdays                      Non-combustible trash

As a part of our service, combustible trash from each booth is collected and taken out to the collection point of Minato-ku on Tuesday and Friday around 7 to 9am by the cleaning service agent. Non-combustible trash is collected twice a month from the recycling box next to the vending machine.

Recyclable trash including bottles, cans, PET bottles, and waste paper, over-sized trash, and any other trash need to be taken out by yourself (as an exception, you may put cans and PET bottles that you buy from the vending machine into the nearby recycling box).


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