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What are the steps for becoming a member?


What are the steps for becoming a member?

1. Please make an appointment for an on-site visit (we will coordinate the schedule and guide you through the facility)

Appointments can be made via the contact form or by dialing +81-3-3861-5299  during our business hours.

2. During the on-site visit, we will brief you on the available services and important reminders, and present you the agreement form for signing at a later stage.

3. If you wish to become a member, please fill in the membership application form (and please prepare the necessary documents that we request).

4. Screening (we will respond to you after conducting due assessment about one week from the day you file the application)

5. Payment of initial fee (please deposit the office service charge for the first month in advance along with 108,000 yen as the initial membership fee including the consumption tax)

6. Once the necessary amount is credited to our account, we will sign the agreement with you to make the services available to you.

After signing the agreement, we will mutually agree on practical matters such as the use of VoIP phone line, extension,  and design of the plates to be posted on the door and at the entrance.

Let your business take off from Tokyo Synergy Office. Our team spares no effort to be a reliable partner throughout your business roadmap.


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