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What kinds of telephone lines are available?


What kinds of telephone lines are available?

You can independently order a telephone line from NTT.

Or you can use A cloud-based business VoIP phone offered by Basix.

The monthly fixed fee for the basic plan is 1,728 yen (1,620 yen as the basic fee and 108 yen for the use of Tokyo area code “03”).

The call rate between Basix phones is free, 2.8 yen/minute for calling stationary phone, JPY 18.9/minute for calling mobile phones or PHS.

The international call rate, regardless of stationary or mobile phone, can be cheaper than domestic phone calls, as with the case of the United States (5 yen/minute).

There are only two kinds of necessary initial costs:
– Purchase of a Basix business phone from Brastel Telecom. The price ranges from 16,800 to 29,400 yen

– Payment of 1,080 yen to Brastel Telecom as the initial setup fee
Provided there is an internet connection, this VoIP-phone set can be used wherever you go. Even if you decide to move out of our office, your investment will not be wasted.

Since Basix phones can be used just by connecting to the internet, you do not have to worry about the trouble associated with installation or restoring the booth to its original condition when you move out.
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